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Joomla! Versions

Joomla! CMS Versions

This blog post is taken from!_CMS_versions.

It details the various versions of Joomla! CMS and whether they are supported or not. It also shows when support runs out for a specific release.

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Do you know who you are?

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A few years ago I had a very simple view of what I understood I did and who I was when it came to website creation. I described my business as Website Design and myself as a website designer.

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Speaking at Joomla! Day UK 2014

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In October 2014 I will be attending Joomla! Day UK 2014 at Sunningdale Park, Ascot.

I will also be speaking at the event for the first time.  My talk is under the "Administrators" stream called "How to Build a Club Website"

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