Neltek uses Joomla! CMS as the base for our web projects.

Joomla! is a feature rich Content Management System. This allows customers to sign in to their website and edit content with an easy to use interface.

Joomla! has many thousands of "extensions" available, both free and commercial, allowing the functionality of the website to be enhanced. Anything you can think of can be done.

There are shopping carts, photo galleries, newsletters, discussion forums, google maps, event booking systems, review systems, custom forms, and many more.

Why do we use Joomla! and not write everything from scratch?

There are a number of reasons we use Joomla! NelTek used to write websites from a blank piece of paper. However,

  • Joomla! allows us to re-use proven code saving hours of programming and cost to customers.
  • Joomla! has many extensions with support for each allowing complex projects to be developed quickly.
  • Security - every day hackers are trying to find ways into websites. Bespoke projects need many hours of effort to ensure their code is secure from new vunerabilities. Indeed many companies write bespoke code and don't put effort in to security patches. Joomla! is a huge project with many thousands of websites. The Joomla! project has a dedicated team looking at security. From this Neltek and our customers benefit from regular security patches.
  • Neltek produces sites in Joomla!. If, for any reason, Neltek ceased to exist or if a customer wanted to go to another company, there are many web design agencies that work with Joomla! and the customer could hand over their Joomla! site and have it maintained easily. If it were bespoke code - most likely any new web design company would have to start from scratch.

Did you know many large corporations and governments use Joomla! including: