If using Siteground as your host

You can install Joomla using the auto installer which uses Softalicious.

However, like me you may have brought ready built Joomla sites into Siteground and not been able to do a fresh install.

In this case you need to import the Joomla site into Softalicious so Siteground can recognise the installation and so you can take advantage of auto updates etc.


First open Cpanel

Then click on the Softalicious icon

Find Joomla (on front page) and click on it for more details

This opens up the following view

Siteground softalicious 1

Then at the top click on "import"

Siteground softalicious 2

Choose the domain you have Joomla installed under

If it is in a sub directory - enter that in 2nd box and import